A Healing Process

16th May 2019 Grandpa 0

A Healing Process The morning after I had spent a day in hospital having a hernia operation, I shared some reflections on my first visit […]

Facing up to Reality

12th May 2019 Grandpa 0

Time to Face up to Reality A young cat has recently adopted me and follows me wherever I go. We have named her ‘Theresa’ because […]

The Moment for Truth

3rd April 2019 Grandpa 0

  Theresa May has invited Jeremy Corbyn to explore ways of jointly delivering Brexit. Any Brexit solution puts the unity of both the Conservative party […]

High Time for Honesty

18th March 2019 Grandpa 0

Here is the transcript of a short opinion piece that I recorded for Ben Chambers’ Sixteen Million Rising March 2019 show. It can be found […]