Strange Times

6th November 2017 Grandpa 0

Strange Times It is extraordinary that a horrific sex scandal in distant Hollywood could perhaps have a much greater impact on the nature of Britain’s […]

A Letter from Tuscany

12th October 2017 Grandpa 2

A little while  ago Nick Hopkinson, Chairman of London4Europe, invited us to write a “Letter from Florence”, following our presence in a protest there to […]

Protesting in Florence

23rd September 2017 Grandpa 1

 TEXT of 5 Placards prepared and displayed by Future of our Children in Piazza di Santa Maria Novella during May’s speech on 22 Sept 2017 […]

Taking Stock after the Snap Election

5th August 2017 Grandpa 0

This is a new introduction to the site. We trace what has happened since the June 2016 referendum and conclude that neither the government nor the opposition has a convincing Brexit negotiating strategy. We suggest that the approach to negotiation needs to shift from antagonistic bargaining to constructive consensus building. The process should be “reset”, not ruling out membership of the single markets nor curtailing the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice. Instead it should explore innovative ways of reconciling the goals of “leavers” with continued membership of the EU – as we illustrate in relation to alternative ways of cutting migration from member countries.