Time to chumble some numbles?

16th September 2018 Grandpa 1

Time to Chumble some Numbles? Brexit’s crumbling. Voters are grumbling. Discord’s still rumbling May is stumbling. Corbyn and Starmer are mumbling. Vince? Just jumbling. Boris […]

Two Years after the Referendum

1st June 2018 Grandpa 0

This is the text of an audio recording, submitted to Ben Chambers for inclusion in the June 2018  edition of  Sixteen Million Rising  https://www.mixcloud.com/SixteenMillionRising/. It comes up […]

Brexit Illusions

26th May 2018 Grandpa 0

  The idea that Britain can expect to “have its cake and eat it” is “pie in the sky” Hopefully it is at last dawning […]