The Young Must Shape Britain’s Future

The immediate legacy of the referendum is a Dis-United Kingdom, split communities, eroded friendships, family rifts, and pervasive uncertainty.

Brexit’s biggest flaw is that its success hangs on the creativity and hard work of the young whose votes said clearly that they want to stay within EU.

Of those aged between 18 and 24, 71% voted to remain: amongst them, 80% of women opted for staying in the EU.

Pot! Goes the Weasel!

I am no good at singing or – for that matter – dancing, so there is no obvious reason why the song “Pop! Goes the Weasel!” came to my mind when I learnt from the radio that Michael Gove had confessed to using cocaine in his young days as a journalist. I had not heard...

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The only way to stop 3 more years of uncertainty

  Approving May’s plan will prolong the uncertainty and divisiveness that has mucked up our lives since 2016 for at least another 3 years, and a “no-deal” would probably be worse. The only way of letting our lives return to normal and having the government focus...

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Can the UK stop Brexit?

  On 27th November, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) is to consider the Scottish request for clarification as to whether the UK can unilaterally stop the Brexit process and retain its EU membership. If the Court confirms that revocation of Article 50 is...

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Time to chumble some numbles?

Time to Chumble some Numbles? Brexit’s crumbling. Voters are grumbling. Discord’s still rumbling May is stumbling. Corbyn and Starmer are mumbling. Vince? Just jumbling. Boris is egocentrically bumbling. Raab is incompetently drumbling. MPs for ever are fumbling....

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Rocco’s thunder is little more than a damp squib

We dread the thought that our grandchildren could end up fighting against the grandchildren of our friends in Spain, Poland, Germany, France or Italy A couple of days ago a friend gave me a copy of an article, published by the Daily Mail on 6th July (the date of Mrs....

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Grandparental Instincts Distracted by Facebook Messages

Neither of us has a Facebook account. Perhaps we are just too old-fashioned to be excited about sharing intimate information with our friends and relations. In any case, my fingers aren’t nimble enough to type out text messages with the same ease and speed as younger...

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Healing Intergenerational Divisions

This site is about healing divisions, mainly within families, between friends and in communities. We focus especially on inter-generational divisions within those families in which the older generation voted to leave the EU and the younger generations opted to remain.

These are the most painful divisions because they damage the natural bonds between grandparents, parents and their children that hold families together: they mean that millions of young children are already growing up in divided families. But they are also the fault-lines that can be drawn together most readily as all those involved have a vested interest in family unity.

“Surely it must be obvious that any future for Britain that is shaped without respecting the majority of the under-50s is bound to fail: they hold the key to its success.”

The first step in tackling this is through trying to restore intergenerational trust within divided households. This implies talking frankly about the problems faced by split families. It does not mean blaming grandparents or calling on them to renounce their beliefs and values, but simply inviting them to signal their respect for the aspirations of their young.

If this happens on a sufficient scale, our leaders will sense a mood change amongst older voters that will embolden them to think twice about the reckless course on which they are now embarked.

For more thoughts on this and how we might approach the healing process

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We know how difficult it is to start talking about these things, and that we have to learn from each other. This is why we have created this site as a place for sharing ideas, experiences and information between individuals, groups and campaigners.

Please chat with your family and friends about these thoughts and raise them for discussion with any groups that you are in. Please comment on this and tell us about the situations in your own families and communities  and how they are being handled. Send us lots of stories, photos and videos that we can post here!


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