Fooxit means Fooxit

Fooxit means Fooxit

Fooxit means Fooxit

Editor’s Note. This was broadcast by Sixteen Million Rising in their March 2017 Episode:                                 ( after 2 hours 36 minutes.

TM: “David, it has struck me that, as we are getting out of the Single Market, we must also leave UEFA. It’s only logical. If we don’t get out of UEFA, we will have to let more Europeans play in our football clubs.”

DD: “Brilliant, Prime Minister! You probably know that England has never won the European Nations Cup. England has also tried to keep Scotland and Wales out of the Cup for ages, but the bureaucrats aren’t listening.”

TM: “Thank you, David. That clinches it! We will exit UEFA and, at the same time, we’ll cut the number of European migrants. It’s the will of the people. And then Liam will negotiate a new deal for the Great British National Team, under which they will let us play in their matches but under our own rules.”

DD: “Of course, Prime Minister. But what rule changes should we negotiate?”

TM: Don’t you understand that “Fooxit means Fooxit”? We will negotiate a bespoke agreement for the British team to be exempt from off-side penalties.”

DD: “May I suggest, Prime Minister, that we should also insist that any “Own Goals” should not be counted against us?”

TM: “Yes, David…  And we must make sure that there are no foreign referees or linesmen present when GB is playing.”

DD: “You are a true red, white and blue patriot, Prime Minister!”

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