Future of our Children Flyer for 25th March marches

Here is a text for a flyer that we shall distribute at the Pro-Europe march in Rome on 25th March, celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Rome Treaties creating the European Economic Community and Euratom. We have printed the flyer as a postcard, with a lone poppy on the front and this text on the back. If you are marching anywhere on the same day, you are welcome to use this text and to print your own flyer.


A hefty majority of young people voted on 23rd June 2016 to REMAIN in Europe.

Britain’s success depends on engaging the young. They will bear the brunt when things go badly wrong.

The Prime Minister says she’s listening to young people, but has turned two blind eyes and two deaf ears on their aspirations.

Mrs May is obsessed with driving Britain out of Europe at any cost – even at the cost of our future self-respect, peace and prosperity.

The Brexiteers lied to us in the referendum campaign. Now they are taking us all for a ride again.

Our articles will help you to make the case for the UK to remain in Europe, including the single market. Please read them and share them with others.

If you want to write a piece, we will post it. Please contact us at:




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