Audio on Single Market and Migration

Here is a short audio, recorded for Ben Chambers’ 1st June session of “Sixteen Million Rising“.

You can find it at 2 hours, 23 minutes on

We propose that, if the UK is committed to curbing  EU migration, it should shift its focus away from tightening borders towards making it more attractive for would-be migrants to stay at home, through EU pressures towards higher minimum wages, better welfare and more open job markets in the main source countries.

Here is the text:

Mrs May has taken it upon herself to take us out of the Single Market before she even starts to negotiate her super-hard Brexit. She claims she offers strong and stable rule, but has become a U-turn expert. She clearly suffers from bees in her bonnet and bats in her belfry.

Her bees are all for free trade. But her bats tell her to resign from the world’s best free trade deal – right on our doorstep.

She says that she is listening to “the will of the people”! Perhaps we are all deaf, but have you heard millions complaining about the Single Market? Why should they, because it is good for British trade, good for British investment and good for British employment?

To first negotiate to leave the Single Market (because you cannot just walk out of it!) and then immediately say you wish to negotiate an equally good deal – with the same people round the same table – is nothing but a ludicrous pre-planned U-turn. Her foolishness will expose our country, our lives, our jobs, our children, our grandchildren to huge risks. It will waste lots of time and prolong the uncertainties that have already cost trillions through the fall in sterling, and have left so many of us in limbo.

It is bit like a man who sues his wife for divorce but tells her that he still intends to go to bed with her when it suits him.

The main reason May wants out of the single market seems to be her buzzing bonnet bee about the European Court of Justice. And then, of course, she wants people to think that she’s acting strong on curbing European migrant inflows.

As long as Britain has a strong economy, a good welfare system, low unemployment and an open job market, it will be a magnet for migrants.

Knowing that slamming the door on migrants won’t work, because they will come in through the back door, May hasn’t set a date for reaching her “tens of thousands” goal! To attain it, she is happy to crash us out of the EU and ruin the UK economy so that no-one will ever want to come and work here.

Future of our Children proposes that, before starting formal Brexit negotiations, the British government should call for an informal consultation with the EU on its Single Market and freedom of movement strategies. Britain could invite the Commission to examine measures to make the Single Market playing field more level. This would imply showing willingness to lean on the main migrant source countries (Poland, Ireland, Portugal, Romania and Italy) to address the “push” factors that drive people to migrate. These countries would have to sign up to higher minimum wages, unemployment benefits for all working age citizens, and freeing up their labour markets.

This offers the surest way to curb EU immigration to Britain in the medium term, if this is what we want. But it won’ be possible unless we stay in the Single Market and, dare we say it, drop Brexit.

Mrs May hasn’t a clue,  She’s great at turning U,  She thinks of ME, not YOU,   So, please don’t vote blue

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