Brexit is Dead but MPs must Sign its Death Certificate

This is the text of an audio recording broadcast by Ben Chambers on Sixteen Million Rising on 1st July 2017. See The audio comes up on track 30 at about 1 hour 25 minutes.


Less than one year after the EU referendum, voters in the June general election rejected May and her Brexiteers.

Strangely, though we all know that May’s political future is dead, nobody will sign the death certificate. Our politicians allow her to enjoy the illusion of still being in charge, surviving as a marionette whose gestures are shaped by puppeteers who pull her strings and whose words are those of her ventriloquists.

Brexit is floating in a similar limbo.  According to the Oxford Dictionary, limbo is a “condition of neglect or oblivion to which people or things are consigned when regarded as superseded, useless or absurd:… a state of inaction or inattention pending some future event”.

The “future event” has already happened. The Grenfell Tower blaze killed almost 80 people. Their death certificates won’t admit it, but the underlying cause of this and other disasters in waiting has been “decades of government negligence”. The event has served to reinforce public recognition, already evident in the election result, that the huge social and economic problems facing Britain must be blamed more on our own irresponsible politicians than on the “Brussels bureaucrats”.

Looking back, it is now obvious that the Brexit process was a sordid game of political football, driven not by any widespread public dissatisfaction over membership of the European Union, but by the personal ambitions of rivalrous and lying politicians. They conned us into blaming foreigners for all our problems.

They offered us a dream of “taking back control” so that we would be free of throw out regulations that ensure that the private sector acts in the public interest: that stop people living in plastic-clad fire-boxes; prevent them being sold horsemeat as though it was beef, and get banks to safeguard our personal savings. They called for “reclaiming sovereignty” and then immediately challenged the authority of parliament to shape the most important policy decision in our lifetime. They urged us to unite but fanned division and hate. They promised a brighter economic future, but have presided nonchalantly over a massive fall in the value of our Pound Sterling, induced just by the prospect of Brexit. They call for free trade but are happy to bin the best free trade market that exists, knowingly putting Britain’s future prosperity – our livelihoods – in peril.

What madness! As Mrs May says “Enough is Enough”!

It is now time to end the Brexit limbo and assign it to the flames of hell.

Like Macron’s France, Britain now needs a “new way to do politics”.

A first step in this direction would be for our newly elected representatives to claim the freedom to vote as they feel best on the future relations between the UK and Europe. They should be freed by their party bosses to act on behalf of their constituents and according to their own consciences rather than to be forced by “whips” to toe old party lines to which neither they nor the general public may any longer subscribe.

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