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I am sure that many of you are, like me, appalled by the way that leaders of Britain’s present government are behaving.

One of the shows in which our daughter-in-law was performing – brilliantly, of course – in the Edinburgh festival was entitled “Impromptu Shakespeare”. Each day, without any prior discussion amongst themselves, the actors created a one-hour show.  As one review put it, ““An entirely new and unique Shakespeare play is made up on the spot using the audience’s suggestions. Bursting with comedy, love, poetry, tragedy, power struggles, the supernatural, mistaken identity and everything you’d expect from a Shakespearean play.”

These shows were great fun, but now we are seeing impromptu Shakespeare being played out every day in 10 Downing Street and Westminster in a most alarming manner. We expect our political leaders to act in the nation’s interest – our interest. Instead, we are being governed by a cast of actors who repeatedly claim to be responding to the “will of the people”, “taking back control” and “reclaiming sovereignty”. To the contrary, they seem intent on undermining the institutions that sustain our democracy, questioning the verdicts of the highest courts in the land, trying to hijack powers that rest with parliament and muzzling their MPs, preventing them from representing their constituents’ views.

Like so many of The Bard’s characters, they are driven by lust for power and by personal ambition; they have no inhibitions about stabbing each other in the back, betraying trust, making abrupt U-turns, stirring up hatred or engaging in metaphorical duels. They are becoming the laughing stock of Europe and the rest of the world.

The very idea that the cast of May, Johnson, Gove, Fox, Davis and others of that ilk should be entrusted by us with negotiating our future relationship with Europe is horrific. They seem to be bent on pushing our country into a nose-dive. They have already knocked 17% off the value of the pound, and caused a jump in inflation that is emptying our purses. What will come next if we allow them to stay put?

This farcical situation has driven me to compose a couple of short very un-Shakespearian verses about Theresa May and her possible fate that I will now share with you:

“I’ve told you I’ll not be a quitter,
But I’m being called a Conservative splitter.
I swear that I’m still a Brexitter.
But just wait till I U-turn by Twitter.
I’ll  blame it on Barnier, Le French critter.”
Now Johnson’s trying to de-sit her, 
Saying, for her job, he’d be fitter.
May must be feeling quite bitter.
To stay, will Boris permit her?
If not, would the Lords to their chamber admit her?



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