Two Years after the Referendum

This is the text of an audio recording, submitted to Ben Chambers for inclusion in the June 2018  edition of  Sixteen Million Rising It comes up after Summertime at 1 hour 52 minutes into Ben’s Episode 21 at


Two years after the referendum –  Here is Future of our Children’s quick take on where we stand

We were told to vote “leave” so that we could be our own masters.

We were promised a land flowing with milk and honey.

Now we are seeing that we were sold a pig in a poke.

Even the Brexiteers haven’t a bloody clue about what they want.

The war cabinet has become a hostile environment: they are fighting like cats and dogs.

The Tories have got their knickers in a twist.

Mrs May has led us up the garden path.

Unless she does a U-turn, she will soon hit the buffers and have to throw in the towel.

Bojo told us that we could have our cake and eat it. Now we know that this is pie in the sky.

Shifty Gove is reinventing himself as a puppy-hugging green because he thinks it’s the way to flying high.

Foxy Liam is traipsing around the world on a never-ending wild goose chase. He has still not bagged a deal.

Labour is sitting on the fence.

It is obvious that the only way out of this dog’s dinner is to stay put in the EU, warts and all.

So it’s time for remainers to call a spade a spade and win a People’s Vote!

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