Time to chumble some numbles?

Time to Chumble some Numbles?

Brexit’s crumbling.

Voters are grumbling.

Discord’s still rumbling

May is stumbling.

Corbyn and Starmer are mumbling.

Vince? Just jumbling.

Boris is egocentrically bumbling.

Raab is incompetently drumbling.

MPs for ever are fumbling.

Meanwhile Sterling is tumbling.

For Britain it’s all very humbling.

To put it briefly, we can’t trust  present leaders to act in the public interest. It’s high time for a People’s Vote.

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  1. I am slumbering to escape the crumbling but wake to rumbling and join the grumbling but do I hear mumbling from Shakespeare’s tomb drumbling or humbling – to vote or not to vote, that is the question!

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