High Time for Honesty

Here is the transcript of a short opinion piece that I recorded for Ben Chambers’ Sixteen Million Rising March 2019 show. It can be found in SMR Episode 30, starting at 2 hours 41 minutes.


We have made a real dog’s dinner of Brexit. One reason is that we – or most of us – have allowed the habitual contempt for honesty to emerge as an acceptable behaviour amongst our leading politicians. For three years we have let them get away with downright lies and hiding the truth.

The only way to escape from this mess – this crisis – is to pressure both May and Corbyn to OWN UP TO THE TRUTH.

The plain truth – and they know it – is that there is no Brexit plan – hard or soft – that can offer anything like the benefits of the arrangements that we now have with our European neighbours. They also know that, if they follow any Brexit path, this means at least another 3 years of political turmoil, division and uncertainty.

Their obstinate pursuit of agendas that they themselves now know to be self-harming to the country is down-right deceitful. Their behaviour, including their withholding from public scrutiny of government forecasts of the dire impact of different Brexit outcomes, is an abdication of their responsibility to act with honesty and transparency in the national interest.

Each day that they continue this charade, they are inflicting irreversible harm on the economy – on our livelihoods – and their antics are diminishing Britain’s international standing.

Both May and Corbyn can genuinely claim that they have done everything within their power to find a Brexit solution that would be good for British people.

We must now call on them to stop fooling themselves and us.  As soon as they both have the guts and humility to OWN UP TO THE TRUTH that they have failed to find an acceptable solution, the crisis into which they have thrown us will quietly fizzle out.

And we will treat them with respect for coming clean.



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