March for Change – 6 Simple Thoughts for the Day


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March for Change

20th July 2019

6 Simple Thoughts for the Day


  1. Has Britain ever had a big dispute with the EU since it joined over 40 years ago?

NO – So why stir up discontent?


  1. Can you point to any way in which your own life has actually been damaged by our EU membership?

If not, what is to be gained by you and your own family from getting out of the EU?


  1. The Single Market provides for the easiest possible trading between 28 neighbouring countries. Can you think of any good reason to pull out of it?


  1. We are geographically part of Europe and share many problems and opportunities with our neighbours. So, doesn’t it make sense to work together to solve them? Think about preventing the spread of diseases, safe travel, scientific research, security and crime control, food safety, environmental management, climate change – you name it…..


  1. Our parents lived through two horrendous wars of European origin and lost many of their friends and relations. We have enjoyed a long life in peace largely because the EU nurtures trust and confidence between its members. Don’t you think that, by leaving the EU, Britain raises the risk that our children and grandchildren end up fighting?


  1. The Brexit process has already mucked things up for 3 divisive years. Any Brexit or a No Deal will prolong the agony and uncertainty for years to come. If we decide to stay in Europe, there will be no need for more negotiations and we can return now to our normal – friendly – ways.



Boris got us into this mess, driven by his ambition.


He’s not the person to get us out of it.


  1. I like the flow as is but will be tempted to swap points 1 and 6 when borrowing this elegantly simple Brexit rebuttal to avoid Brexiteers not getting beyond point 1 while they scratch their heads thinking ‘Well, I can’t think of one, but there must be, otherwise why on earth would we be in this mess…’
    Thank you as ever!

  2. Good thinking Harry MacMillan, but I would substitute ‘why on earth do I want to leave?’ for ‘why on earth would we be in this mess…’.

  3. The only positive thing that may come out of Brexit is that Britain mayl realise its true position in the world A small arrogant nation that had a large empire historically. We never stood alone, we did not win the war alone and we cannot trade in a global economy alone. We are not special, we are European.

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