Think Hard before you Vote for the Pothole Party!

Have you bothered to read the Tory Manifesto?

If you haven’t, perhaps you should.

It’s all about how Boris and his merry men are going to fill the potholes that they have created during years of irresponsible government. Let’s call it Boris’ Pothole Manifesto. That sounds good! Sadly, however, it looks like a case of “He who ddealt it smelt it”.

Boris wants to spend £2 billion to fill up the potholes in Englands’s roads. If there are so many potholes, it’s because his party utterly failed to provide money for road maintenance. In Boris’ way of thinking, Britain will be great again when we have smooth roads (plus, of course, his garden bridge in London).

He then says that he will fill the gaping potholes in the police force by hiring 20,000 more policemen. Perhaps, like Boris, I have got my facts wrong, but surely it was his Conservatives who relentlessly slashed funding for the police, causing them to cut numbers and leave them short of staff.

Next, Boris tells us that he will fill the nurses pothole by adding 50,000 nurses to the NHS. He seems to have forgotten that the crippling shortage of NHS nurses is wholly due to Tory cuts in support of training for British nurses and to Mrs May’s creation of a hostile environment for migrants: this means that more foreign nurses are leaving than joining the NHS.

Oddly enough, Boris does not say much about the biggest pothole of them all. It is best described as a monster crater that he, Dom, Jacob, Mike, Ian and the boys have been digging for over 3 years. They’ve already spent £8 billion digging and are still pushing forward without a clue as to what it will look like.

We are being kept in the dark. All we know is that they are planning to herd us over the rim of this mystery crater in about 2 months’ time. They’ll be standing to attention on the crater’s edge singing Land of Hope and Glory and declaiming The Charge of the Light Brigade.

This isn’t the future our children want.

Do you really want to entrust 5 years of your life to the Pothole Party?

You CAN Make Brexit Stop. Please vote tactically to keep Boris out, even if it means deserting your preferred party and your pet candidate.

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